HFM96.4 Launches the Biggest Loser Competition: Cast Your Vote!

Last Updated: December 11, 2023Categories: News

Are you ready for an epic showdown? HFM96.4 has just announced the launch of the “Biggest Loser Competition,” and it’s not your typical weight loss challenge. Three of your favorite HFM hosts have thrown down the gauntlet and are battling it out to see who can shed the most percentage of body weight lost between October 16th and December 11th, 2024. But here’s the twist; you have a chance to get in on the action by voting for your winner and guessing the percentage of body weight loss. The closest guess could make you a winner too!

Meet the Contenders: Before you cast your vote and make your guess, let’s meet the brave contestants:

Host A

 Con Viljoen

Known for his unwavering dedication to fitness and healthy living.

Willpower is his middle name, but will that be enough to win?

Starting Weight- 109.4KG

Weight Loss- 11,7KG

Current Weight Loss %-  9,87%

Host B

Rich de la Rey

The wild card in this competition; he has been known to surprise everyone.

Will he pull off a shocking transformation?

Starting Weight- 128,4KG

Weight Loss- 4,4KG

Current Weight Loss %-  3,43%

Host C

Greg Smith

The underdog of the group; he may not have the same fitness reputation.

Will he prove that you can achieve results?

Starting Weight- 172,4KG

Weight Loss- 3,3KG

Current Weight Loss % –  1,92%

Your Chance to Vote: Now that you’ve met the contenders, it’s time to cast your vote for who you think will emerge as the victor. Head over to HFM96.4’s official website or social media channels and make your choice. Will you side with experience, unpredictability, or the underdog?

Guess the Percentage of Body Weight Loss: In addition to voting, you can also take a shot at guessing the percentage of body weight loss each host will achieve by December 15th, 2024. The contest is all about getting as close as possible to the actual results. If you can predict it with precision, you might just become a winner yourself!

The Prizes: HFM96.4 will pay R5 000 to the person who vote and guess right.

Stay Updated: The competition officially kicks off on October 16th, 2024, and you’ll want to stay updated with the hosts’ progress. Tune in to HFM96.4, follow their social media accounts, or visit their website for regular updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and perhaps even some workout tips from the contenders themselves.

Conclusion: Get ready for an exciting couple of months as HFM96.4’s Biggest Loser Competition unfolds. Your favorite hosts will be sweating it out to become the biggest loser in terms of percentage body fat lost, and you could be a winner too. Cast your vote, make your guesses, and let’s find out who will triumph in this epic battle of willpower and determination!