Embracing Authenticity: The Kruger2Canyon Challenge

Last Updated: December 22, 2023Categories: News

In a world where corporate giants often overshadow the grassroots essence of events, the Kruger2Canyon Challenge stands as a beacon of authenticity in the trail running community. This family-owned, managed, and organized event defies the trend of faceless corporations, offering participants a unique connection with the organizers, Andrew and Lauren Booth.

The journey of the Kruger2Canyon Challenge began in 2015 under the WildTrust WildSeries Banner, with Andrew Booth at the helm as the Series Race Director. Andrew’s vision took shape during a flight over the mountains, where he spotted a promising sports field belonging to Laerskool Mariepskop. Little did he know that this discovery would become the heart of the Kruger2Canyon Challenge.

The event’s trails, carefully scouted by Andrew and his Trail Crew during a two-week expedition, trace the historical paths of Laerskool Mariepskop. These trails, once used by schoolchildren traveling on donkeys between the school hostel and a Military Base, became the challenging routes that define the Kruger2Canyon Challenge today.

The inaugural year proved to be a formidable test, prompting adjustments that shaped the event into its current form. Despite facing sponsorship challenges in 2016, the Booths, in partnership with the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, persevered, ensuring the event’s continuation.

What sets the Kruger2Canyon Challenge apart is not just its challenging trails but also the conservation ethos ingrained in its organizers. Both Andrew and Lauren Booth, with backgrounds in Accounting, Grassland Science, and Forest Ecology, have seamlessly integrated conservation into their careers. The partnership with the K2C Biosphere is a testament to their commitment to preserving the natural landscape.

Every race entry contributes to the conservation cause, as the funds are ring-fenced as a donation to the Biosphere. Beyond logistical support, the Biosphere plays a pivotal role in balancing the delicate equation between human activity and conservation in the event’s surroundings. The power team at the Biosphere consists of innovative thinkers and passionate individuals dedicated to creating a harmonious relationship between people and the land.

The Kruger2Canyon Challenge, with its roots firmly embedded in family, conservation, and authenticity, stands tall as a reminder that not all events need to conform to the corporate mold. In a world increasingly dominated by big names, this challenge beckons trail runners to experience something truly special – a race with a soul.