Rhino Man – The Movie

Last Updated: June 14, 2024Categories: News

magine a world where heroes don’t wear capes but ranger uniforms, where bravery is measured in encounters with poachers rather than fictional villains. This is the world of Rhino Man, a cinematic ode to the unsung heroes of the wilderness.

For nine years, a dedicated team has crafted a film that delves into the heart of conservation efforts in the Timbavati and the Wildlife College. At its core is the late Anton Mzimba, a lead ranger whose life and legacy are honored on screen. Tragically assassinated in 2022, Mzimba’s story became not just a narrative of conservation but a rallying cry for justice and perseverance.

In the wake of his passing, the Rhino Man team found an unexpected ally in Prince William and his conservation initiatives. Their support has been pivotal, culminating in a private screening last June, attended by His Royal Highness himself.

This  reached a crescendo as Rhino Man prepares had  its grand premiere at the Rhino Convention Center in Hoedspruit on June 13th. The event was more than just a viewing; it’s a gathering of those who lived the story and those eager to witness its impact firsthand. From Hoedspruit, the journey continues with a whirlwind world tour, stopping in iconic cities like New York City, Toronto, and Atlanta, starting on the 15th.

To witness this milestone firsthand is an invitation not just to a film screening but to immerse oneself in a cause that transcends entertainment. The team behind Rhino Man hopes to share the stage with the very rangers whose courage and dedication inspired the film. Their voices, echoing through the radio waves, will amplify the urgency of wildlife conservation and the human stories behind it.

Mark your calendars for July 26th when Rhino Man will be available online, promising to reach audiences far beyond theater walls. It’s not just a film; it’s a testament to resilience, a call to action, and a tribute to those who risk everything to protect our planet’s most vulnerable inhabitants.