Soaring High: Beverly, Local Hoedspruit Residents, Take Skydiving to New Heights in France!

Last Updated: November 23, 2023Categories: News

Meet Beverly Cosslett, a fearless spirit from the heart of Hoedspruit, where wildlife thrives, and the scenery is simply breath taking. Rooted in the local community, this daring adventurer recently took her passion for thrills to new heights—literally. Join us as we delve into Beverly’s exhilarating journey, as she traded the African savannah for the skies of France to master the art of skydiving formations.

The Sky’s Call

For Beverly, skydiving isn’t just a hobby; it’s a calling. The rush of wind as she descends from incredible heights and the unmatched views below fuel her adventurous soul. While Hoedspruit holds its charm, the competitive allure of skydiving has led her team to elevate their skills in Lille, France.

With over 4000 skydives under her belt, Beverly currently serves as the Chief Instructor of the Johannesburg Skydiving Club. A 20-year veteran in skydiving instruction and coaching, she journeyed to France with her team, Ascension, to train with World Champion Coach Marco Arrigo.

Training in France

France, known for its picturesque landscapes and rich culture, is a hotspot for skydiving enthusiasts. The team seized the chance to enrol in specialized skydiving formation training, immersing themselves in synchronized freefall. Mastering relative work and perfecting intricate formations in the indoor tunnel has been an adrenaline-filled leap toward honing their skills to bring back to South Africa.

Challenges and Triumphs

Skydiving formations demand precision. Beverly, alongside Warren Dent, Bradley Curnow, and Jana Niemoller, faced challenges head-on—from mastering complex manoeuvres to conquering any fears that dared hold them back. Their triumphs, big and small, showcase their dedication and the unbreakable bond forged in the skies.

The team is gearing up for the National Skydiving Championship in April 2024, competing in the Open category of 4-way formation skydiving.

Additionally, all team members coach and develop skills among junior jumpers.

Bringing the Experience Home:

While the team continues training in France, Beverly’s heart remains connected to Hoedspruit. They aim to bring back their newfound skills and experiences to the local community, possibly organising events or workshops to share the joy of skydiving. Hoedspruit’s skies are about to witness a new level of excitement thanks to these passionate adventurers.

Beverly’s journey from Hoedspruit’s tranquil landscapes to the adventurous skies of France showcases the endless possibilities of following one’s passions. As she dives into synchronised freefall, she not only conquers airborne challenges but also enriches her life with diverse cultural experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling journey, proving once again that the sky is not the limit—it’s just the beginning!